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AGS Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) English


The Alumni Grant Scheme (AGS) aims to support Australian alumni to apply and share the knowledge and experience they have gained during their studies in Australia and help strengthen links between Indonesia and Australia.
The specific objectives of the AGS are:

  • to provide alumni with opportunities to enhance and capitalise on their knowledge and skills to improve practice in their professional fields and communities;
  • to develop, maintain and strengthen professional linkages and partnerships between alumni and the Australian government, and Australian businesses, organisations and educational institutions;
  • to connect alumni to each other across disciplines and professions, organisations and institutions, and geographic areas in order to share good practice and create opportunities for collaboration;
  • to develop a network of alumni who view Australia’s capabilities and credentials in a positive light; and,
  • to showcase Australia’s excellence as a global provider of high quality education and research.

The AGS is open to all Indonesians who have graduated from a recognised Australian tertiary institution, including:

  • recipients of Australian Government scholarships such as Colombo Plan Scholars, Australia Awards Long-Term Award recipients, Australian Defense Program participants, Australian DIBC Program participants, and Australian Endeavour Scholarship recipients; 
  • recipients of Government of Indonesia scholarships;
  • private fee-paying students;
  • participants in Australia Awards Fellowships and Short Courses and the Department of Immigration, Customs and Border Control ELICOS program; and
  • participants in Australian government hosted programs including the Australia Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program, Bridge Project, Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program, and visiting journalist programs.

We may ask you to provide a copy of your testamur, statement of graduation or other document to prove you are eligible. 

Grant applications may be submitted by individual alumni, groups led or co-led by alumni, or organisations involving alumni.  Groups may include people who are not alumni and there is no limit to the number of people within a group. 

The AGS supports a range of projects and activities that contribute to its objectives.  Activities eligible for funding include, but are not limited to:

  • Training, workshops and seminars;
  • Capacity building, mentoring or coaching;
  • Research and research-related activities;
  • R&D and innovation;
  • Knowledge and technology transfer;
  • Professional networking programs;
  • Public awareness campaigns;
  • Organisational or institutional strengthening; and,
  • Community development activities.

Category 1: Project Grant

The Project Grant provides up to AUD 10,000 for you to undertake your initiative. In addition, we offer two additional funds to the Project Grant. These are the Partnering Fund and the Matching Fund.

  • Partnering Fund. While the AGS is about utilising your skills and knowledge, we also want you to maintain and build your links to Australia, thus we have introduced the Partnering Fund. This provides you with an additional AUD 2,000 (raising the maximum grant to AUD 12,000) if your project is in partnership with an Australian organisation.
  • The Matching Fund is to encourage a sense of entrepreneurship in development and to reward those who actively seek funding sources to support delivery of their project. With the Matching Fund we will provide you with an additional 50% of a third party contribution, to a maximum of AUD 3,000.

Thus the overall budget for an AGS project that engages with an Australian partner organisation and brings its own funding can receive up to AUD 15,000.

Category 2: Follow-on Grant

The Follow-on Grant is intended to scale-up or conduct follow-up activities of your AGS project. If you were previously awarded an AGS, and you wish to continue delivering your project, you may also apply for a grant of up to AUD 10,000.

Note: You will need to demonstrate that your current project is achieving the objectives you stated in the original if you wish to apply for a Follow-on Grant.

We open applications for the AGS twice a year, usually in April  and November.  These are advertised through the Global Alumni and Australia Awards Indonesia websites and social media platforms.  Applications are not normally accepted outside the advertised rounds.

You will need to submit an application through the https://www.australiaglobalalumniinindonesia.org/grants/alumni-grant-scheme-2018-round-1-5/register If you need more information please see the Help Guide for Applicants

To apply for a grant, you will need to fill out the online application form on the SmartyGrants website. You will be asked to provide:  

  • the name of the project;
  • a brief description of the project (including a list of its main activities);
  • the proposed objectives and anticipated outcomes of the project;
  • the beneficiaries of the project;
  • how the project addresses the selection criteria;
  • how the outcomes of the project will be assessed (including any performance targets);
  • the potential risks to the project and how these will be managed;
  • how the project will be publicised and promoted, and,
  • the proposed budget and schedule of activities.

If your project involves a partnership with an Australian organisation, business or other institution, you will need to upload a letter of support through SmartyGrants. If you are requesting matching funds, you will need to provide information on other contributions, including letters of commitment and the amount of funds.  If you are applying for a follow-on grant, you should include evidence of your project’s performance and effective financial management. 

You can find guidelines on preparing grant proposals and budgets in the AGS Grant Guidelines. You will need to submit your applications in English and make sure that your budget is calculated in IDR, except where there are expenses in other currencies.

Grant applications are assessed against the following criteria:

  1. The project has clearly defined objectives consistent with one or more objectives of the AGS. 
  2. The project is linked to the knowledge and skills gained through the applicant’s study program in Australia and/or professional experience.
  3. The project addresses an issue of strategic value to Australia and/or Indonesia in relation to at least one of the following priority development areas: effective economic institutions and infrastructure; human development for a productive and healthy society; and an inclusive society through effective governance.
  4. The project offers potential to establish sustainable linkages between Australia and Indonesia and/or showcases Australia’s capabilities and credentials. 
  5. The project will have a measurable and tangible impact.  The application should demonstrate how this impact will be measured.
  6. The project has a clear and realistic strategy for achieving its objectives within the stated timeframe, including sufficient budget and an appropriate assessment of risk.
  7. The project represents value for money, including by leveraging contributions from third parties.  Value for money is defined as economy (spending less), efficiency (spending well), effectiveness (spending wisely), and equity (spending fairly).  

Information on the weighting of these criteria is available in the AGS Grant Guidelines.

You must normally be able to use the grant funds within 12 months of the grant being awarded.  If you think your project or activity will be delayed, you should advise Australia Awards Indonesia in writing.  If you have already received the funds and your project cannot go ahead within the year, we will ask you to return the funds.

You can only use grant funds for carrying out the activities you described in your grant application.  If you want to make any changes to the project or an activity within it you should request approval from Australia Awards Indonesia in advance.

You should also request approval from Australia Awards Indonesia in advance if your project or activity will be carried out by a person or organisation that was not mentioned in your application.

Once you have been advised that your application has been successful, we will prepare a grant agreement for you to sign. The full terms and conditions of your grant will be set out in this agreement.  We cannot pay any grant funds until we have received a signed grant agreement from you.

All grants are paid in IDR in tranches.  Normally, we will pay 70 percent of the grant when you return the signed grant agreement to us and the remaining 30 percent within 30 days of us receiving a satisfactory Activity Completion Report and Financial Report from you.  We will pay 100 per cent of any matching funds in the final tranche of the grant payment.

We can only provide additional funding for a project through a follow-on grant. You will need to apply for a follow-on grant during one of the advertised rounds and provide us with evidence that your project is performing well and that you are managing the grant funds efficiently and effectively.

We will pay you the actual amount it costs to implement your project. We use your Financial Report to work this out and adjust the final tranche payment to take this into account. If you spent the budget less that the first tranche, you need to return the balance of the fund

If you are not able to finish the project, we will ask you to return all or part of the grant funds.  We will work out how much of the funds you need to return based on whether there were any circumstances outside of your control and how much of the project or activity was already completed.

You should acknowledge Australian funding in the activities you carry out as part of your project and in any publicity. We encourage you to promote your projects in traditional and online media but please talk to us in advance about any publicity. We will provide you with further information about branding and publicity in the Grant Orientation workshop.

Testamur is statement of graduation or other documentary evidence to prove their eligibility as an Australia alumni, such as;

  • Graduation/degree of certificate
  • Statement of graduation (temporary, if the certificate is not yet available, provided by University)
  • Short course/ fellowship certificate
  • Statement letter as participants of Australia - Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program or Australia - Indonesia Youth Exchange Program that provided by the committee.