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24 Feb 2016

Beyond Belconnen and Kuningan: A Study of Bilateral Immigration Cooperation between the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australia and the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration, 2001-2009

Andry Indrady, February 2011
Flinders University

This thesis analyses bilateral international immigration management cooperation in managing migration and border control by looking deeply at the evolving patterns of cooperation between the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) – which its headquarter office located in the Belconnen, a suburb area in Canberra, Australia and the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration (Imigrasi) – which its central office located in Kuningan, a central business district area in south Jakarta, Indonesia. 

The study breaks new ground in several ways. First, little research has previously been undertaken on the distinctive management difficulties involved in the administration of immigration policies. Second, the study analyses the recent record around the world in the cross-national collaboration in immigration management. Third, the specific Australia-Indonesian collaborative venture is documented and evaluated in substantial detail. 

The thesis finds that, through organisational learning and network management, senior officials from DIAC and Imigrasi have transformed issues arising from the management of irregular migration into noteworthy collaborative projects. These include the development of human and technical capacity within Imigrasi, which has also expanded to a process of increasing awareness in building up international cooperation in managing migration initiatives among nation states especially in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, the thesis suggests that the bilateral immigration cooperation between DIAC and Imigrasi should be maintained as a long term policy project as the pre-requisite for maintaining the organisational learning process for both institutions through building up a robust network management skills.

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