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08 May 2018

Introduction to Production of Liquid Fertilizer from Cow Urine in Ngabab Village, Malang

Project Leader: Mrs Anna Safitri

University: The University of Sydney

Collaborating Organisations: Not Available.

Project Location: Jawa Timur          

Activity Type : Training, workshop or seminar            

Sector :  Livestock management and public health

Project Objective :

  1. To introduce to cow farmers in Ngabab village that cow urine can be utilized as liquid fertilizer----in a one day seminar or presentation

  2. To introduce the fermentation technique how to transform cow urine into liquid fertilizer---in a 2-day-workshop and hands-on training

Project Description:

The project aims to introduce to cow farmers that cow urine can be transformed to liquid fertilizer through fermentation technique. The technique will be described to the cow farmers. The methods to do fermentation will be demonstrated, and then the cow farmers will be practiced by hands-on demonstration.

Project Beneficiaries:

20-40 cow farmers in Ngabab village
All farmers in Ngabab village, and Ngabab villagers.

Priority Development Area:

Economic institutions and infrastructure  

Links with Australia:

Not Available

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