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08 May 2018

Cheese Making: Enhancing Milk’s Economic Value to decrease Poverty Rate and enhance Life Quality of the Dairy Farmers

Project Leader: Mr Indra Cahyadi

University: Victoria University

Collaborating Organisations: Not Available

Project Location: Jawa Timur      

Activity Type : Knowledge and technology transfer

Sector :  Small and medium enterprise development

Project Objective :

  • To increase the economic value of milk produced by the dairy farmers in Pacet, Mojokerto. Hundreds of individual dairy farmers usually sell fresh milk to the nearest Pacet village unit cooperatives (KUD) before it is transported to the dairy processor’s facility, or sell it directly to consumers. By processing milk into cheese, the farmers can store their produce or put in store shelves for longer period

  • improve the dairy farmers and KUD revenues. KUD sells their fresh milk for only Rp 5500 / liter, which is considerably cheap. Processing milk into cheese, will give an opportunity for the farmers to expand their market and sell their product with a better price.

  • To increase the dairy farmers’ business capital. Product diversification and adding value to milk will bring an opportunity to attract investors who can help dairy farmers with more funding.

  • To train the dairy farmers and KUD Pacet to sell their products through popular domestic online marketplace, such as, , ,

Project Description:

In general, the objective of this project is to seek the opportunities for dairy farmers and cooperatives particularly KUD Dana Mulya, in Pacet, Jawa Timur in the context of value chain analysis. By giving practical lesson of cheese making, the farmers will gain new skill and knowledge on how to process and to add economic values to their product, rather than just sell it in their original form. There are many villas, hotels, and restaurants around the local area contribute to the increasing demand of variety of dairy products.

The project will conduct training, mentoring, and consultation to the farmers and KUD to administer better milk delivery process and establish milk processing unit as the center of the activity. Inaddition, provide training and workshop about vacuum packaging and marketing. In order to expand the market, the farmers and KUD will also receive a series of workshop about online marketing knowledge and direct selling through domestic online marketplace. Project Beneficiaries
The dairy farmers in Pacet and KUD

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