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08 May 2018

Building Public Awareness of Growing Intolerance in Indonesia

Project Leader: FX Andy Sutrisno

University: Curtin University

Lead Organisation: Legal Section of Surakarta Local Government

Collaborating Organisations:

Project Location : Jawa Tengah 

Activity Type : Public awareness campaigns        

Sector :Transnational crime prevention

Project Objectives:

  • To develop a short film on the growing intolerance movement in Indonesia
  • To build public awareness of the threat of the growing intolerance movement in Indonesia
  • To empower parents in a supervisory role of their children who are susceptible to messages from the intolerance movement
  • To increase the sense of humanity in Indonesia communities

Project Description

This project will develop a film in direct response to two decades of intolerance activities in Indonesia. The synopsis is as follows: A young Indonesian boy grows obsessed with religion described in online media. His parents are too busy to accompany him. The boy interacts with others on social media and strengthens his religious life. He learns how to make a bomb. He decides to blow himself up in a church as people celebrate Christmas Eve. On his way, he has a humanity experience. The film leaving the audience to ponder whether or not the young boy carries out the suicide bombing.

Zen Al Anshory, a young film maker from Solo, will direct the film. He previously made Special Visit, which premiered at the Singapore International Film Festival in 2015 and was screened at Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival 2015. Noor Huda,the writer of "My friend, the terrorist?” and producer and director of the “Jihad Selfie” documentary will supervise the making of the film.

Project Beneficiaries

The direct beneficiaries include film makers and actors. The indirect benficiaries are the members of the film’s audience who accept its message of tolerance. The hope is that the film helps reduce the size of the intolerance movement and Indonesia becomes a safer place to live and work.

Priority Development Area

An inclusive society through effective governance             Social Inclusion Priorities

Relevant Facts

According to Setara Institute, there were 196 ‘intolerance activities’ in Indonesia in 2015. They included mass demonstrations, bombing plans, and actual bombings. Most of these actions arose from religious life. Social media is filled with provocative comment wars and fake news.

ISIS in an international terrorism organisation that has said it will enter Indonesia via online information about religious life. Indonesia needs more campaigns on how society should filter the news on religious life and emphasize humanity in social life.

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