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Development of organic and inorganic waste utilization in Cibodas village as the upstream part of Citarum river to prevent flood

08 Oct 2018

Development of organic and inorganic waste utilization in Cibodas village as the upstream part of Citarum river to prevent flood

Project Leader: Mrs. Jenny Novianti Muliarahayu Soetedjo

University of Origin: The University of New South Wales

Collaborating Organisations: The Lodge Foundation

Project Locations : Jawa Barat   

Activity Type : Community development activities   

Sector : Water and sanitation, Disaster Prevention and Management Education and training

Project Rationale:

At this moment the condition of Citarum river is terrible. About 70% of Citarum river was covered with plastic waste and people can stand on the waste and walk on the middle of the river on the top of the waste. In addition the contamination from cow manure from the upstream of Citarum river has made the condition of Citarum river ever worse. A serious effort and attention is needed to solve this problem.

Some efforts to manage the inorganic waste have been implemented but it is not fully organized yet. Therefore the comprehensive training needs to be implemented to maximize the amount of waste in the recycling process. The improvement of recycling technology also needs to be explored especially for inorganic waste that is not yet recycled such as polylaminate packaging waste which is produced daily in tremendous amount from domestic waste.

Project Description:

A comprehensive training and system in waste separation and management will be given to the leaders of the village. They will be mentored until they fully understand the process and gain the additional economic value from the waste. Later on the leaders will train the villagers which are about 1700 people to also involve and contribute in this project.

In addition, the development in solid waste separation process will increase the amount of inorganic waste going to the recycling process and decreasing the amount of the inorganic waste going to the river.

In fact the simple biodigester is necessary to manage the organic waste and cow's manure that have become the major organic contributor in the upstream of Citarum river.

Project Beneficiaries:

The direct beneficiaries are 100 leaders from Cibodas village.

Priority Development Area:

Economic institutions and infrastructure         

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