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Juni Hezi Romansyah receives a Highly Commended Prize from the 2018 StudyAdelaide International Student Awards

30 Oct 2018

Juni Hezi Romansyah receives a Highly Commended Prize from the 2018 StudyAdelaide International Student Awards

An Australia Awards scholar from Indonesia, Juni Hezi Romansyah, has been awarded a Highly Commended prize from the 2018 StudyAdelaide International Students Awards. The ceremony was held at the Government House of South Australia on 19 October 2018. Juni said receiving the prize was “beyond my expectation.”

The Aceh-native Juni, who is currently studying Master of Business at Flinders University, believes that taking international business program allows him to closely examine the importance of human capital in maximising international trade benefits.

“While the technological advancements allow countries to share knowledge, technological know-how and capital, people seems to be a viable source for gaining competitive advantages. This means that human resources would be a differentiating factor for a country and or an organisation in international business,” the 30-year-old Juni added.

Inspired by the topic of his course on international marketing and export management, Juni, who has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Telkom Institute of Technology, plans to create a start-up in the near future.

“We have to bear in mind that education is not just about gaining a degree, it is also about making differences in our community. Look for a specific area that you believe you can make a difference in creating a better environment, community, and world.”

Juni proactively immersed himself in several student associations at Flinders University, including Flinders Indonesia Student Association and the Australia Awards scholars community. As an active member at the Flinders Business School, Juni helps new students with their studies and supports fundraising activities by the Marion Islamic Community.

“I can’t find a single word that fully represent my journey as an international student in Australia.  It has been beyond a remarkable studying experience that makes me hope to see more Indonesians taking this opportunity,” Juni said. “Applying for this scholarship is a start for your amazing journey of making meaningful impacts.”  

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