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Sahabat KESPRO

18 Apr 2019

Sahabat KESPRO

Project Leader: Petrus Antonius Rasyid

University of Origin: Master, The Australian National University

Collaborating Organisations: -

Project Locations : Ruteng, Manggarai   

Activity Type : Training, workshop or seminar   

Sector : Maternal and child health, Public health, Communicable disease prevention

Project Rationale:

This project is important due to its very high relevance to local condition, especially in the areas of some early marriage related problems, early pregnancy related problems and other issues that related to young people irresponsible attitude over their sexual life. It is because they do not have access to basic information on reproductive health. The other facts that lead to why this project is highly important to this region is its fact that in 2017, 500 out of 3129 pregnancy cases is under 20 years old pregnancy whereas in 2018, the case is down to 450 cases. This under 20 years old pregnancy has been stated as high risk pregnancy which may lead to maternal and infant mortality rate, and 1 case of maternal mortality rate happened in 2017 with under 20 years old pregnancy.

In addition, the spread of sexual transmitted disease, namely HIV/AIDS, has been an iceberg phenomenon in Manggarai. Based on recent data from Manggarai Health Agency, 2 HIV suspect are from students. Another fact is that Manggarai experiences sexual abuse cases among students and teenagers. These cases happened due to limited knowledge on reproductive health issues.

In addition, based on deep and wide range field analysis on these cases conducted by Manggarai Health Agency, one of the crucial factor is that these young people do not have access to basic and reliable information on reproductive health. Therefore, they are heavily relying such information on social media and peers which is sometimes incorrect. In addition, as Manggarai is a Catholic conservative region, young people seem to shy to have conversation on this reproductive health, asking or discussing this type of issue with elder people is sometime taboo. Therefore, i argue that this SAHABAT KESPRO project is highly needed in our region. I do believe that, looking at problems that have been stated above, within this project timeline, this project will address some problems such as high number of high risk pregnancy from under 20 years old pregnancy and the spread of sexual transmitted disease. In addition, this SAHABAT KESPRO also provide the need for young people, especially students and teenagers , to have room or chance to share their reproductive health issues and sex life through their SAHABAT KESPRO at schools and in group

Project Description:

The proposed project is SAHABAT KESPRO. This project is aimed to create a group of well-equipped, talented, reachable and communicative students who will be delivering or performing consultation or sharing on issues such as reproductive health and sex education. There will be series of activities, including training to these students, in order to create students that will become an agent of reproductive health and sexual education called SAHABAT KESPRO. This project will address problems described above through following ways :
1. This project will deliver training and education to selected students and teenagers on reproductive health and sexual education. By having basic, wide range and comprehensive knowledge on such issues, we hope that those selected students and teenagers will follow up these information to their friends so it will prevent cases such as early pregnancy that leads to high risk pregnancy, abortion and any other early pregnancy related issues.
2. This project also provides selected students with proper information on sexual education, in which we hope that these students and teenagers will be delivering these information to their friends. By having correct information on sexual education, students and teenagers will be acting responsible over their sexual life. We do believe that the spread of sexual transmitted disease among students and teenager in Ruteng is due to their limited information on this issue. This project will positively contribute to prevent the spread of sexual transmitted disease.
3. One issues that have come up from our Health Agency analysis is that these students and teenagers are shy or uncomfortable to speak or discuss or even share their reproductive health issues or even their sex life. This has resulted in cases like suicide among students and teenagers. There are more than 5 suicide cases among students and teenagers from 2016-2018, in which most of the cases related to early pregnancy. We do believe that this project will be preventing this type of cases, and any other related cases, as it provide media/room/chances for students or teenagers to talk , discuss or even share their reproductive health issues and sexual life with correct people, namely SAHABAT KESPRO. Once they have chances to share, talk or discuss their issues with SAHABAT KESPRO, they will likely to stop endangering them self.
4. This project also provides information on law perspectives regarding to sexual abuse cases among students and teenagers. By having proper information on this issue, the case of sexual abuse among students and teenagers will likely to decrease as students and teenagers now become more aware and responsible over their manner.

Project Beneficiaries:

86 students and teenagers from 18 schools and 7 religious young groups

Priority Development Area:

Human development for a productive and healthy society        

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