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Empowering Disaster Risk Forums to Manage Waste as a Productive Business Activity Based on Community Participation

18 Apr 2019

Empowering Disaster Risk Forums to Manage Waste as a Productive Business Activity Based on Community Participation

Project Leader: Faisal Yusuf

University of Origin: Bachelor, La Trobe University

Collaborating Organisations: Bogor - Government Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD Bogor - Badan Penanggulangan Bencana Daerah)

Project Locations : Cibogor Sub-District, Bogor Tengah District, Bogor City.   

Activity Type : Community development activities   

Sector : Environment Management

Project Rationale:

Waste is an unresolved problem in the city of Bogor in West Java.

  • The total volume of garbage as many as 2,900 M3 / day or equivalent to 600 tons / day produced by households is 60% and the remaining 40% is produced by the market and industry, and only 70% can be transported to the Final Disposal Site (TPA) while the rest is still a big problem due to the fact that some in the form of a pile (becomes a smell and a source of disease) or is wasted drifting into drains that are carried up to the river, and pollutes along the river and clogs downstream (in Depok, Jakarta and Tangerang ) The worst impact, garbage is the biggest contributor to the occurrence of floods, especially in the lower reaches of the river.
  • Waste management using the "final dump site" requires waste to be disposed of to the final disposal site ( TPA) namely in the Galuga area of Bogor Regency. This, in addition to requiring expensive transportation facilities, also often creates disputes with the community and the Bogor Regency Government.
  • Waste problems occur due to the lack of optimal awareness and technical capabilities of the community and government apparatus on productive waste management based on active community participation.

Project Description:

The project will reduce the amount of waste by 30% in Kelurahan ( sub-district) Cibogor through developing Joint Business Group of Waste Management(KUB) that transform waste as a source of disaster and pollution to productive economic sources through:

  • Identification of problems, potential, challenges, resources and system needs that can be used in community-based waste management activities.
  • Organising potential, and available resources, especially members of the Disaster Risk Forum and potential community members to form Joint Business Group of Waste Management (KUB) Groups.
  • Formulate comprehensive planning of KUB activities, along with business units that are derivatives (such as waste bank units, craft units, agribusiness units, biomass technology units, etc.).
  • Conduct technical and management trainings and marketing on the results of KUB Waste Management efforts.
  • Facilitating, accessing, mentoring and enabling to obtain facilities or cooperation with the source system (formal or non-formal), including with capital and market sources.
  • Simultaneously carry out monitoring and evaluation of successes and obstacles during the project implementation, in order to do re-planning.

Project Beneficiaries:

Community of Cibogor Sub-District, Bogor Tengah District, Bogor City as a model for ongoing projects, both from the environmental aspects (disaster), education and economic aspects.

Priority Development Area:

Human development for a productive and healthy society          

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