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From Forests to Fashion: Empowering indigenous women through eco-fashion

04 Dec 2019

From Forests to Fashion: Empowering indigenous women through eco-fashion

Project leader: Mr. Randi Miranda

Level of education and university: Master, The University of Melbourne

Collaborating Organisations: Bank Indonesia 

Project Location: Palangkaraya, Kalimantan Tengah

Activity Type: Community development activities

Sector: Rural growth, forestry, small and medium enterprise development, economics, natural resource management, limate change, trade

Project Rationale:

The proposed project is important because it will address local economic, environmental and cultural challenges. From an economic perspective, households and/or individuals who rely on forest resources as their sources of incomes and livelihoods will benefit from improved knowledge on added value creation and products diversification. Rural communities in Central Kalimantan often lack necessary skills and resources to create added value to non-timber forest products such as rattan and thus rely instead on timber products. This can further contribute to more deforestations. Besides, this project will also help promote the products (which is often the biggest challenge for rural community) in the local and international markets which could help the communities earn a steady income from what they do best.

In regards to wider ecological issues, this project will contribute to forest preservation and avoid further emissions from forestry sector since rattan is a sustainable plant that requires forests to live. In Kalimantan, the majority of rattan grows abundantly and naturally in the primary and secondary forests. Equally important, this project will also preserve the Dayaks' weaving culture  which has been slowly forgotten by subsequent generations. People, especially the young generation of  Central Kalimantan need to be supported in order to be able to carry on the local traditions such as rattan weaving and make this as one of  promising economic opportunities in rural areas.

Project Beneficiaries:

50 women and/or men weavers in 4 villages

Priority Development Area:

Economic institutions and infrastructure

Link with Australian organisation

Sustainability Lab at Melbourne (SL@M)

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