Australia Awards in Indonesia

The Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships that provide you with high-quality educational experiences at world-class universities

Gender Equality

In the Australian government development policy, one of the investment priorities is to increase commitment to empower women and recognise the benefits that flow to whole communities from women’s participation. Empowering women to participate in the economy and education is integral for the Australian government, as illustrated in the Promoting opportunities for all – Gender equality and women’s empowerment strategy. Australia Awards in Indonesia has a significant focus on gender equality throughout the whole Scholarship cycle and ensures that women benefit from opportunities provided by the program.

Australia Awards in Indonesia has had a strong track record in achieving gender equity in its current and previous phases. In 2019, of the 250 appointed Australia Awards scholars from Indonesia, 135 were female, and 115 were male. Historical data showed that 50.5 per cent of Australia Awards alumni returned to a higher-level position after completing their studies; of this figure, 49.7 per cent were female alumni.


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