More than 500 Australian alumni and their friends gathered in the Australian Embassy’s backyard for a music festival Gig on the Green. It brings our young alumni together to support for Indonesia’s relief efforts in Central Sulawesi and Lombok.

The 2020 Alumni Awards

The 2020 Australian Alumni Awards are an opportunity to celebrate alumni excellence and their outstanding contribution to their profession, community and country through exemplary leadership, integrity, innovation and hard work.  The Awards honors the alumni work and talent, demonstrated at the local, national and/or international level. 

The Australian Embassy in Jakarta will announce the winners of the 2020 Australian Alumni Awards during the Alumni Gala event in April.  Through this event, the Award winners will gain further benefits through increased publicity, international recognition as well as increased network opportunities.

General Eligibility

The Alumni Awards are open to all Australian Alumni, including recipients of Australian Government scholarships, Indonesian government scholarships, education institution scholarships, as well as all those who self-fund their study.  It also includes alumni of short course awards who do not receive a formal qualification.

All entries, except past Award winners, may be re-submitted. There is no entry fee for submission.

How to enter?

You can nominate either yourself or other alumni who fulfils the criteria outlined at the bottom of this announcement.

Self-nominations are permitted.  If you apply, or are nominating someone for the awards, you are asked to provide supporting documents, including but not limited to:

  • Current biography or curriculum vitae;
  • Personal stories, e.g. your/their experience of studying in Australia and how this has contributed to your/their achievements;
  • Soft copy of award or certificates of achievement; and
  • Other items of interest, e.g. links to research publication, news articles, multimedia/audio-visual content and project websites.

Third-party nominations can be from a range of sources, including from the Australian universities, employers and community members.

All applicants must complete and submit an Alumni Awards Nomination Form online by 20 March 2020.

Selection Criteria

The 2020 Alumni Awards recognise achievements within the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and best practices at the local, national and/or international level;
  • Demonstrated personal commitment to principles and values of fairness, equality and equity;
  • Evidence of outstanding contribution to and recognition by their profession or industry;
  • Have commendable aspirations to create future impact; and
  • Demonstrated commitment and contribution to promoting linkages between Australia and Indonesia
  • Evidence of outstanding contributions to and recognition by the community and their profession towards promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment and ending violence against women and children; and/or promoting multifaith, peace and justice.

Other considerations include:

  • Degree of difficulty of the achievement and efforts invested;
  • Achievements by an individual or as part of a group or organisation; and
  • Magnitude and significance of impacts.


Nominations Open

14 January 2020

Nominations Close

20 March 2020

Successful Nominations - Individual  Announcement

27 March 2020

Unsuccessful Nominations - Individual Announcement

30 March 2020

Announcement of Awards (at the prestigious 2020 Australian Alumni Gala Dinner)

18 April 2020

Please note that only Award winners will be invited to the Gala Dinner.