List of Recipients of the Alumni Grant Scheme (AGS) 2020 Round 2


Full Name

Project Tittle

1 Umi Masruroh Independent Health Agents for Vulnerable Groups including Women, the Elderly and People with Disabilities
2 Dede Supriyanto Guru Sahabat Keluarga: Developing Teacher and Parent Partnership Program on Educating Students with Disabilities During COVID-19 Pandemic
3 Saur Marlina Manurung Sekolah Suku Tengger Bromo
4 Erna Rochmawati Digital education during COVID-19 pandemic: a strategy to improve mental health being among parents  and teachers of kindergarten  in Sedayu, Yogyakarta
5 Ranie Ayu Hapsari Supporting Children with Disabilities and Early Childhood Development Through Independent Learning Online Tutorial for Parents During COVID-19 Situation
6 Anni Juwairiyah Efforts to overcome the Economic Impact on People with Disabilty during COVID-19 Pandemic
7 Ikfina Maufuriyah Raising awareness of the importance of Dyslexia early detection and early intervention among parents and teachers in Jepara, Central Java
8 Umbu Reku Raya Advocacy for Public Awareness on Indigenous Slavery and Its Abolition in Sumba
9 Irna Susrianti Empowering Coconut Smallholder Farmers through Replanting & Sustainable Agriculture
10 Mohamad Ikhsan Hello (Healthy Environment for Life and Livelihood Opportunity through Solid & Plastic Waste Management in Tangerang Selatan Area)
11 Suriawati Suriawati Colours of Bali: harnessing nature's goodness towards a more sustainable future
12 Febriarti Khairunnisa "Sampahku Sumberdayaku" Increasing West Lombok Community Zero Waste Awareness and Responsible Actions through Social Marketing Approach
13 Wahyudi Sayuti Pono Roles of Non-Timber Forest Products commodity to local community during pandemic COVID-19 at three local areas across West Papua province
14 Muhsin Al Anas AYO ANGON: Skills for Future Livestock Farmers
15 Faye Scarlet Capacity building to empower women-entrepreneurs during COVID-19
16 Yun Arifatul Fatimah Implementation of Trash Play House (Rumah Pintar belajar Sampah) in Wringinputih Tourism Village Borobudur Temple Area:Toward Sustainable Waste Management
17 Arbaiyah Satriani Enhancing Professionalism of Muslim Journalists in Handling Disinformation and Hoaxes in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era
18 Roswita M. Aboe Keeping the History Alive : Heritage Interpretation of Benteng Oranje
19 Najmah  To get tested or not: A project to reduce stigma around COVID-19 and HIV testing in Indonesia
20 Ardi Putra Baramuli GIGI.ID Sejuta Senyum Indonesia Timur - Teledentistry: Providing New Normal Access to Oral & Dental Health Services in East Indonesia
21 Krisdiana Wijayanti Developing Breastfeeding Volunteers to Increase The Coverage of Exclusive Breastfeeding in Anticipating adverse Effect during COVID-19
22 Ayu Kartika Dewi Milenial Islami: Digital Education Campaign to Promote Critical Thinking in Learning Islamic Values
23 Cut Warnaini Workshop on Signs of Early Pregnancy and Self-assessment in Pregnancy for Mothers to Help Addressing Pregnancy-related Complications and Reducing Maternal Deaths and Miscariege in West Nusa Tenggara
24 Irfan L Sarhindi Faith and Pandemic: Religious Narrative and COVID-19 Survival (Stories and Reflections from Australian and Indonesian Muslims)
25 Apriana Toding Implementation of MIMO Technology for Distance Learning in 3T Regions

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