Recorded Webinar: Policy Discussion – Collaboration of Expertise and Basic Research for Leap of Innovation

Watch this recorded webinar and find out the use of basic research, collaboration among experts, and decentralisation of regional innovation policies in handling COVID-19 – as well as the challenges and steps for improvement in the future, from the discussions.

Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency (Kemenristek /BRIN) has worked hand in hand to collaborate with all stakeholders and establish a Consortium for Research and Innovation in Handling COVID-19. With the existence of a consortium, Indonesia hopes to be able to respond to the pandemic quickly and be more independent when facing urgent and unexpected situations (emerging issues).

Collaboration among experts is a major factor in the realisation of governance and crisis management. In addition, the collaboration among experts and basic research can create a leap of innovation in Indonesia.

This webinar was a collaboration between Knowledge Sector Initiative and Katadata.

Watch here.

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