Recorded KOMPAS Talks with KSI: “Improving the Knowledge & Innovation Ecosystem for a Better Indonesia

Development towards a knowledge and innovation-based economy can address the development challenges faced by Indonesia in the coming decades. This requires an ecosystem that can generate knowledge and boost innovation. In creating the knowledge and innovation ecosystem, it requires a national vision and strategy as well as collaboration between ministries, institutions, and non-government actors – including the private sector and industry.

Watch this recorded webinar by KOMPAS in collaboration with KSI (Knowledge Sector Initiatives) that was opened by Kirsten Bishop, Minister Counsellor for Governance and Human Development at Australian Embassy in Indonesia, to witness the discussion on how to create an ecosystem of knowledge and innovation and how synergy of various actors needs to be done to make Indonesia more advanced, handle the post-COVID-19 period with innovation, and create a knowledge-economy in 2045.

The recorded webinar is available on KOMPAS YouTube channel.

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