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16 Jan 2018

Hadi Soesastro Prize funds put to practical use at the Fiscal Policy Agency

Australia Awards scholars from Indonesia PhD student and Hadi Soesastro Prize recipient, Riznaldi Akbar recently completed a project at the Fiscal Policy Agency with the goal of developing a Knowledge Management System (KMS).  Made possible by utilising part of the funds received through the Hadi Soesastro Prize, the KMS has a pivotal role for the agency, as it streamlines policy making processes and also facilitates knowledge sharing within the organization.  To make this all happen, Riznaldi worked collaboratively with a hired consultant and departments within the Agency to assess current policy workflows. Intensive consultation meetings and interviews occurred to observe the policy workflows with the conclusion being that policy workflows needed to be simplified and properly documented. The project outputs included a 1.5 minute video to explain the KMS, the benefits and the Agency’s policy workflows.  A manual was also produced including a draft of the KMS Standard Operational Procedure and regulation to implement the KMS for the Fiscal Policy Agency.  Riznaldi is very pleased to have been able to share part of his Hadi Soesastro Prize for the immediate benefit of the Agency concluding that ‘the Knowledge Management System enhances the policy making process while increasing productivity and resources’.

The Hadi Soesastro Prize is available for Australia Awards scholars from Indonesia studying in Australia.  For more information refer to the Australia Awards in Indonesia website.

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