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31 Aug 2017

Tisha Rumbewas: Finding Roots in Papua

Growing up in a remote area with a wealth of natural resources and diverse traditions, Tisha Rumbewas, researcher and an Australia Awards Scholarships alumna who studied at Wollongong University, had the golden opportunity to delve into the field of traditional medicinal plant. The Australia Awards Alumni Grant Scheme recipient recently published “Traditional Medicinal Plants in Kurudu Island”, a book covering the medicinal plants of her home village. Another of Tisha’s passion in life is teaching English. After participating in the English Language Training Assistance (ELTA) program, Tisha became an ELTA Master Trainer to help potential scholarship applicants meet the required language proficiency needed for entry to Australian universities.

For more on Tisha’s story and how she is helping other students who wish to continue their studies in Australia, watch the video here:

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