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11 Aug 2017

Noke Kiroyan’s Presentation on Enhancing Indonesia's Position as Australia's Trade Partner Through the Creative Industry

Noke Kiroyan, President of the Indonesia – Australia Business Council (IABC), recently gave a talk to Australian alumni and NCP scholars at the Australia-Indonesia Youth Leaders Seminar at the Australian Embassy in late May.

Touching on why Indonesia's position as Australia's trade partner isn't as high as it could be, Noke mentioned, “We always see [trade relations] from the perspective of production. We don't see things from the perspective of the potential buyers, what their needs are." By considering what the buyers need, Noke believes that bilateral trade relations could be improved. Noke also believes that the younger generation possess a high level of creativity and also the ability to move within the creative industry circles. They could raise Indonesia's position as Australia's trade partner.

“The creative industry needs to be developed by the creative younger generation. I believe that this will enhance the Indonesia – Australia relationship,” he added. If you missed the seminar, catch the video here:

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