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29 Mar 2018

Research on Women and Children Development in Supiori Regency, Papua Province

Project Leader: Ms Yohana Baransano

University: Australian National University

Collaborating Organisations: Women Empowerment, Child Protection and Family Planning Department

Project Location: Papua           

Activity Type : Academic research and research-related activities             

Sector :  Development studies, Monitoring and evaluation, Women and Gender Studies, and Disability Services

Project Objective :

  1. To conduct an assessment on the situation or status of women and children in Supiori District, Papua Province

  2. To analysis of the status of women and children in area of access to formal education, health services, economic or income generating activities and other public services

  3. To assess women and children access to support when facing violence and position of women within customary structures

  4. To produce women and children profile of Supiori District, which can then used as a basis of development programs targeting women and children in the area.

Project Description:

This research will increase understanding of problems or issues as well as potentials of women and children in the area. This increased understanding will then resulted in better program and activities designed by Women Empowerment, Child Protection and Family Planning Department. All recommendations produced by the research can be advised to all other parties within a society beyond government. They are among others church leaders, customary institutions, parliements, other government departments, Head of Districts (Bupati) and Sub Districts (Kecamatan),media, CSOs, business entities, etc.

Project Beneficiaries:

Direct beneficiaries will be Staffs of Women Empowerment and Child Protection as the Government Entities (28 females and 6 males) who will get the benefits of the research results, they will better understand the situation of Women and Children in Supiori District and therefore provide better planning to meet Women and Children’s aspirations, needs and problems as well as potentials.

Priority Development Area:

An inclusive society through effective governance

Links with Australia:

Asia Institute, Melbourne University


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