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Participants of the Public Transport Management Short Course are smiling and posing in front of buses.

30 Sep 2022

Getting the First-Hand Experience: In-Australia Programs of the Australia Awards Short Courses

Welcome back to Indonesia! Delighted to hear that the participants from the following three Australia Awards Short Courses have returned safely to Indonesia: Sustainable Agri-Food System, Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management into APBN and APBD, and Public Transport Management in Metropolitan Areas.

The course participants, who are professionals, government representatives, and researchers from all over Indonesia, travelled to Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Mt. Gambier, and Sydney from August to September to gain first-hand experiences in their respective fields. The group visited Australian universities, government institutions, and industries to network, share experiences, and learn about various policies and initiatives. Happy to know they are looking forward to implementing their knowledge and contributing to Indonesia's development!

Best wishes to all participants!

A group photo of the Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management Short Course participants with Siswo Pramono, Ambassador of Indonesia to Australia

A group photo of the Public Transport Management Short Course participants in front of Sydney Opera House

The participants of the Sustainable Agri-Food System took a group photo on a pasture with the cattle in the background.


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