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A poster featuring Dr Jeff Jarvis informs about the upcoming Guest Lecture titled Sustainable Tourism and the Post-COVID Restart.

04 Oct 2022

Join Our Online Lecture on “Sustainable Tourism and the Post-COVID Restart"

Are you interested to learn how tourism can be more sustainable? Join our online lecture on 14 October at 2:00 pm Jakarta time and gain an insight into sustainable tourism from Dr Jeff Jarvis, Director of the Graduate Tourism Program at Monash University.

The COVID-19 pandemic virtually completely shut down the global tourism industry and created long-lasting impacts on tourism. Some parts of the industry had almost a complete loss of tourism revenue due to lockdowns. In 2019, the hospitality and tourism industry contributed a massive AUD$12.4 trillion (US$8.9 trillion) to the world’s GDP, employing an average of one in ten people globally. And according to January 2021 estimates, the pandemic has cost the global tourism industry around AUD$1.3 trillion (US$935 billion).

Of course, every country and region has experienced different levels of impact, with some being far more reliant on tourism for survival than others. However, in the years preceding 2020, the industry was growing faster than forecast, leading to over-tourism and sustainability concerns. As the industry looks to restart, this lecture will look at key strategic issues so it can become more sustainable.   

The e-certificate for participation is available. If you are interested in attending this event, RSVP by 13 October at this link. Click here for more information about the online lecture and Dr Jeff Jarvis.

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