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09 May 2017

SETARA – and the ‘Gender’ and ‘Sex’ Workshop activity for AAI participants

SETARA one day workshops are being delivered by Australia Awards in Indonesia as part of On Award Enrichment activities.  A series of one day workshops will be delivered around Australia in 2017 followed by a three day ‘SETARA PLUS’ Workshop for selected participants.  More information is available at the AAI website On Award Enrichment (SETARA).SETARA one day workshops continued in April 2017 to an enthusiastic group of Australia Awards in Indonesia students, representing all Melbourne universities.  ‘SETARA’ is an Indonesian word and translated into English literally means ‘equal’.  Describing the overall objective of the Workshop, SETARA explains the role of society and culture in shaping gender roles in our personal and professional lives and to encourage equal opportunity for males and females.  The Melbourne Workshop conducted at the Vibe Savoy Hotel and equally participated in by both men and women, encouraged the participants to rethink some of the norms that we have grown up with around gender.  One of the Workshop exercises generating much discussion involved the participants identifying characteristics typically associated as ‘male’ and ‘female’ and classifying these according to whether they were ‘sex-related’ (part of being male or female) or ‘gender-related’ (socially conditioned).  The conclusion to this exercise was that most roles in society are capable of being carried out by males and females yet constrained by societal norms and prejudices.

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