Australia Awards in Indonesia

The Australia Awards are prestigious, transformational scholarships and short courses offered to emerging leaders for study, research and professional development in Australia


SETARA – Supporting Equality to Achieve Real Advancement – refers to a one day workshop exploring concepts of social inclusion, focusing on gender equality. SETARA (meaning ‘to be equal’ in Indonesian) workshops are aimed at Australia Awards scholarship students from Indonesia who are interested in increasing their understanding of social inclusion and gender. Participants will learn how gender equality is incorporated into leadership and general policy-making in Australia and will gain an understanding of the concepts, tools and frameworks used in gender analysis. The workshops are interactive and highly participatory, using practical case studies to explore ideas and develop skills.

SETARA one day workshops will be delivered in capital cities around Australia, facilitated by a social inclusion expert from the Gender Consortium at Flinders University. In 2019, SETARA workshops will be held in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide. Awardees in each location will be contacted by email approximately one month prior to each SETARA workshop, seeking expressions of interest for participation in the activity. Both men and women are strongly encouraged to attend the workshops.

Feedback from previous participants in SETARA one day workshops has been positive and enthusiastic:

‘It provides me with a new knowledge about gender. I was unaware about gender issues back then, but having this workshop made me realize that the gender analysis is very important because we might face this problem in our day to day activities, in our home, organization etc. The workshop has provided invaluable information on how we should deal with such problems’;

‘I noticed peer-learning approach is maximized here and I particularly like Walk the TimeLine exercise that quickly gauge participants' prior knowledge and at the same time providing us with background knowledge for next topics. 10 out 10!’;

‘This event provides an understanding regarding gender in perspective of Australian and Indonesian Government in simple ways’.



July 3 & 4

SETARA 1 Day Workshop - Melbourne

July 15

SETARA 1 Day Workshop - Canberra

September 10

SETARA 1 Day Workshop - Adelaide

16 September

SETARA 1 Day Workshop - Brisbane

17 September

SETARA 1 Day Workshop - Sydney


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