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22 Apr 2016

A Fight Against Fish and Seaweed Disease

Ardiansyah, lecturer of fish disease and seaweed, Politeknik Pertanian Negeri Pangkep (Politani Pangkep, the Pangkep State Agriculture Polytechnic), is familiar with issues the South Sulawesi community faces in shrimp, fish and seaweed cultivation. Disease has inflicted production of shrimp and seaweed, negatively impacting the income of surrounding communities.

Concern over the issue drove Ardiansyah to conduct research, eventually overcoming disease found in grouper fish. What's more, the solution implements probiotic treatment, bypassing the use of antibiotic and other chemicals. When he was Head of the Seaweed Tissue Culture  and Fish Disease Laboratoriums, Politani Pangkep, Ardiansyah also increased the quality of seaweed seed and developed further tissue culture technology.

Ardiansyah's experience at Flinders University studying for a Master of Biotechnology as an Australia Awards Scholarship awardee from 2004 to 2006 played a key role in his achievements.

"I was given tremendous freedom in designing and implementing my research as well as evaluating issues that arose," he said. "This gave me the independence and confidence in implementing the knowledge I have gained."

Ardiansyah previously also served as Head of the P3AI Institute, coordinating materials for the curriculum at Politani Pangkep. He also served as Assistant to the Vice Director III of Politani Pangkep. He is a member of Forum Layanan IPTEK Bagi Masyarakat (Science and Technology Community Service Forum) in South Sulawesi.

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