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08 May 2018

Education for Children of Migrant Workers in Lombok Timur, NTB

Project Leader: Rina Rosdiani Patria

University: The University of New South Wales

Lead Organisation: Ministry of Education and Culture

Project Location : Lombok Timur, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB)     

Activity Type : Training, workshops, seminars    

Sector : Human Resource Development

Project Objectives :

  • To empower children and families of migrant workers through social and  psychological support, life skills training and educational assistance
  • To reduce the risk of left-behind children falling victim to sexual harassment, drug use, and tobacco smoking

Project Description :

This project will empower the children of migrant workers and reduce the negative impact of their parents' migration. The project will take place in Lombok Timur, NTB. The main activities include education seminars, training and mentoring. The training will develop life skills in the children, including entrepreneur skills, learning skills and career preference skills. It will help the children develop soft skills such as confidence, independent thinking, motivation, positive thinking and team work in peer groups. The participants will form peer groups comprised of 10 children and one mentor from the local community. The project will involve local experts as facilitators to support project delivery, act as mentors, and expand project impact to the community.

Project Beneficiaries :

The direct beneficiaries include approximately 100 left-behind children of migrant workers (who are junior and senior high school students) who receive training and education assistance. The indirect beneficiaries include local communities and local governments in east Lombok.

Priority Development Area :

Human development for a productive and healthy society          

Social Inclusion Priorities : Gender, Youth

Links with Australia :

Indonesian can learn from Australia's experience with community development projects for marginal and vulnerable groups and safeguarding children’s rights and protection.

Relevant Facts :

Lombok Timur has the highest percentage of its population sent abroad as migrant workers. Studies have shown that children living in a migrant family – especially those with a migrant mother – are less happy than those living in a non-migrant family. ‘Left behind’ children are more likely to be victims of sexual harassment, neglected by extended family members, and smoke cigarettes and use drugs.

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