Australia Awards in Indonesia

The Australia Awards are prestigious, transformational scholarships and short courses offered to emerging leaders for study, research and professional development in Australia


For Future Applicants

Short Courses are study programs funded by the Government of Australia. Short Courses provide an opportunity for Australia Awards in Indonesia to be flexible and responsive to the needs of Indonesian organisations or sectors. This condition is especially relevant for senior level decision makers and influencers who are unable to be released for long-term study.

Short Courses have three parts, pre and post-course workshops and a 2-week program in Australia (pre-Covid-19). During Covid-19 all courses are delivered online. The online courses are delivered over a 2-4 month period, with 1-2 course modules per week.

The Short Courses cycle consists of three parts: a pre-course workshop, in-Australia course (during Covid-19 courses are delivered online), and a post-course workshop. It is compulsory for successful applicants to attend all parts. Failure to comply with the participation requirement will result in cancellation of participation.

Awardees will be given a Certificate of Completion upon completing the Short Courses.

There are two types of applications: Open and Targeted. Please see the applicant information of each course under Applicant Section

It is a Short Course offered to Indonesians who meet the selection criteria.

It is a Short Course offered to the staff of targeted organisations. To be eligible to apply, prospective applicants have to be nominated by their organisations. Without nomination, the application will not be assessed.

Application form is available on AAI website when the course is open.

The information about the application opening and closing dates will be posted on the website.

  • Course fees (Please note that during Covid-19 all courses are delivered online)
  • Course materials 
  • Access to learning management system and additional course resources
  • Award Project mentoring 
  • Access to the Australia Global Alumni network and related benefits (subject to the successful completion of the Short Courses) 
  • Internet allowance per module
  • Incidental expenses allowance per course
  • Copy of KTP
  • Latest academic certificate (Ijazah)
  • Endorsement letter for this particular Short Course from your current supervisor (template is provided on the third and last page of the online application)
  • If available, proof of English competence (e.g. overseas education certificate, training certificate, TOEFL/ IELTS, etc.)
  • Any relevant certificates (e.g. certificates of achievements, relevant training certificates, etc.). This is not compulsory.

Each course has different requirements. Please refer to each course for more information. General requirements for all Short Courses include:

  • Endorsed by the organisation, proved by an official endorsement letter;
  • Committed to prepare and implement a development project as part of the award;
  • Committed to actively foster networks with multiple stakeholders;
  • Committed to disseminate learnings from the Short Courses;

Following eligibility checks, applications are assessed by an independent selection panel. The applicants are shortlisted based on the selection criteria, merit and equity. Shortlisted candidates are interviewed by an interview panel. The final list of shortlisted candidates is subject to scrutiny and endorsement by the Australian and Indonesian governments. Women and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply. All applicants, successful and unsuccessful will receive a notification of the selection outcome.

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