Australia Awards in Indonesia

The Australia Awards are prestigious, transformational scholarships and short courses offered to emerging leaders for study, research and professional development in Australia

Pre-Departure Training

Australia Awards in Indonesia will provide all scholarship recipients with Pre-departure Training (PDT), including the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) training in Indonesia. The PDT is compulsory and full-time for all Australia Awards Scholarships recipients from Indonesia. The PDT is conducted in Bali, and its aim is to prepare scholarship recipients for study in Australia. The length of PDT will range from 7 weeks to 9 months depending on the level of English language proficiency of the scholarship recipients.

Australia Awards will provide recipients with a monthly living allowance for the period of PDT. Australia Awards may consider, on a case-by-case basis, waiving attendance at PDT, but waivers are rare and strict criteria apply. Australia Awards will not provide additional EAP training in Australia.

Recipients who withdraw from Australia Awards scholarships after commencing PDT, may be required to refund the stipend paid to the recipient from the commencement of PDT. Circumstances for withdrawal will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

Australia Awards scholarship recipient obligations during Pre-Departure Training

All Australia Awards Scholarship recipients are required to commit to the following:

  • attend at least 90% of scheduled classroom hours of training;
  • participate fully in all pre-departure training activities;
  • be on time for class and spend an appropriate number of hours studying independently and in small groups in the IALF Resource Centre;
  • develop English language, cross-cultural skills and independent learning skills as much as possible during pre-departure training;
  • use English at every opportunity at the IALF;
  • complete all tasks assigned during the course (these will form your Portfolio which you will be expected to take to Australia and to make available to the IAP course provider when you arrive at your university. This is very important to provide IAP instructors with evidence of what you have covered in Pre-Departure Training);
  • work in cooperation with other members of the group/cohort to develop positive dynamics and build a successful group learning environment; and
  • respond thoughtfully and honestly during course evaluations. This will enable IALF and Australia Awards Scholarships to monitor and improve the relevance and effectiveness of the course.

In addition all participants are expected to abide by the IALF codes of conduct in respect of:

  • the use of mobile phones;
  • computer and internet use, including regular checking of their email account; and
  • noise levels in the IALF resource centre; and, the wearing of their IALF/ID tags on IALF premises.

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