Australia Awards in Indonesia

The Australia Awards are prestigious, transformational scholarships and short courses offered to emerging leaders for study, research and professional development in Australia

Application FAQs

How to apply

You can apply online through the Cognito form at this link.  


Types of Scholarships

A: Australia Awards Scholarships are offered in two main categories: ‘Targeted and Non Targeted’. For more information please go to Targeting of Awards.


Australia Awards applicants must meet all eligibility requirements detailed in the Scholarships Policy Handbook.

In addition to these basic eligibility requirements, candidates from Indonesia must also meet the additional country specific conditions listed under Category and Eligibility section on this website.

Supporting Documents

Applicants must submit with their application all of the relevant supporting documents listed in the Scholarships Policy Handbook. Photocopies of certified documents will not be accepted.

Applicants must also provide the essential documents to meet the specific requirements for Indonesia. If at least one essential document is not provided, your application will be automatically rejected. Click here to see the list of required documents.

This is where an authorized person has checked the copy of the document against the original document to ensure that the copy is true and accurate.

Applications must be received at the latest by 30 April at 20.59 WIB. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

For a fresh graduate whom have not had their certificate yet, they could submit their transcript and an acknowledge letter from the university stated that they have completed their degree.

• Academic Supervisor or Lecturer: Individuals who closely mentored you in specific courses. They can offer profound insights into your skills, accomplishments, academic performance, work ethic, and potential for success in a particular field.

• Research Collaborators: If you have been involved in research projects, your collaborators can also act as academic referees.

This is not necessary. It is only necessary to submit your academic transcript and award from the overseas university.

If you apply for a Masters program that includes at least fifty per cent research or a PhD program, you must write the outline of your proposed research project in the "Research proposal details" section of the Australia Awards Scholarships application form.

Any certified / institutional IELTS or TOEFL test results obtained up to two years before the current application round will be considered current and will be considered for application. TOEFL prediction is NOT accepted

Australia Awards Scholarships applicants are not obligated to apply to Australian universities before applying for a scholarship. The Australia Awards Office will arrange the placement process for the awardees after they have been selected for an Australia Awards Scholarship.

TOEFL / PTE Academic / IELTS results issued by any formal / legal IELTS / TOEFL institution / Pearson Institution (local universities, LIA, EF, etc.) are valid.

Following are the explanation for different types of TOEFL.

  • TOEFL Institutional : TOEFL results administered by legal/formal local English language institution such as LIA, EF, University’s Language Centre, etc.
  • TOEFL Prediction : TOEFL results issued only to know applicants level of English. This test normally used during the placement test of an English course or after certain period of TOEFL training. This is not an actual test for general or academic purposes and is NOT accepted for Australia Awards Scholarships application.
  • TOEFL International : TOEFL results administered by TOEFL International institution. There are 2 types of this: a computer based TOEFL and a paper based TOEFL. 

No. However you must provide these documents if you are shortlisted for an interview.


All applicants must attach copies of a certified transcript of academic records and copies of their certificate. Copies of original documents are to be certified by your university (home institutions) or notary only.

Priority Fields of Study

Candidates are encouraged to apply to study courses which fall within Priority Development Areas (PDA). The PDA relate directly to the strategic objectives contained in the Australia and Indonesia Country Strategy. For more information please go to Priority Fields of Study.

Yes. As long as the proposed field of study will support your career in the future and contribute to the development of Indonesia.

No, you make this choice during your English for Academic Purposes (EAP) training after receiving the scholarship. All you need to identify on your Australia Awards Scholarships application is the priority area that your course of study fits into and also some key words to describe your proposed course of study.

Selection Process

Following confirmation of eligibility, applications will be shortlisted. The selection process will also include an interview and take into account the principles of merit and equity and will be carried out jointly on behalf of the Australian and Indonesian Governments by an independent team of Indonesian officials and academics working in partnership with Australian academics to evaluate and rank candidates. For more information please go to Selection Process.

Length of the Scholarships

Scholarships will be available for full-time study of an Australian post-graduate qualification for the minimum period required to complete the award through the relevant Australian university, selected from Australian Government contracted universities.

A Period of extension will only be allowed in a “special case”; or only when “major-force” conditions apply.

Scholarship Entitlements

Click here to see list of Scholarship entitlements

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