Australia Awards in Indonesia

The Australia Awards are prestigious, transformational scholarships and short courses offered to emerging leaders for study, research and professional development in Australia

Selection Process

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Australia Awards in Indonesia seeks to produce alumni who have the attributes listed in a table below. Applicants’ ability to demonstrate existing skills and qualities in these areas will be highly regarded as an indication of their potential to contribute to development outcomes in the future.



Curious, creative, strategic, flexible, adaptive, comfortable with ambiguity.

Technical skills and knowledge: research and information gathering; critical thinking and logical reasoning.

Positive, motivated, driven to contribute to inclusive and sustainable development.

Creative problem-solving skills: innovation; design thinking; multidisciplinary collaboration.

Empathetic, community-minded, values-driven, inclusive.

Emotional Intelligence and interpersonal skills: Self-awareness; intercultural competence and understanding difference; networking and relationship building; collaboration and teamwork.

Charismatic, confident, persuasive, composed under pressure.

Communication skills: able to use influence, persuasion and thought leadership to build relationships and drive advocacy for ideas.

Ethical, high levels of integrity, trustworthy, reliable.

Strategic thinking skills: Political awareness; understanding power dynamics.

Resilience and tenacity.

Project management skills: planning, time management, leadership; risk management; monitoring, evaluation, learning and adaptation.



  1. Applications will be shortlisted after eligibility checking;
  2. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted;
  3. The selection process includes an interview. Applicants will be assessed against the following criteria:
  • Academic competence;
  • Potential outcome, specifically the contribution to development outcomes in Indonesia;
  • Professional and personal leadership attributes, including relevant work experience.
  1. Successful candidates will be notified no later than August 2024.
  2. Awardee travel will be subject to meeting the requirements imposed by the Australian Government, as determined by the Department of Education, Skills, and Employment, and must meet the requirements imposed by State and Territory governments.

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