Australia Awards in Indonesia

The Australia Awards are prestigious, transformational scholarships and short courses offered to emerging leaders for study, research and professional development in Australia

About Short Courses

The Australia Awards Short Courses (SC) complement the Australia Awards Scholarships that have been running for more than 70 years. SC enable Australia Awards in Indonesia to be flexible and responsive to the needs of organisations and sectors. SC equip individuals with knowledge, skills and attitudes to contribute to their organisation’s priorities, strengthen organisations and develop people-to-people links between Indonesians, and between Indonesians and Australians. Typically, the courses are two to three weeks in duration and involve three-day pre-course and post-course workshops in Indonesia.

Up to 12 courses to approximately 300 participants are offered each year. The courses are targeted to decision-makers and influencers who want to develop new skills and increase their networks and potential through tailored courses at reputable Australian education providers.

Short Courses Key Features

  • Specialised courses delivered by reputable Australian education providers 
  • Flexibility for senior staff who are unable to be released for a long-term study to develop their knowledge 
  • Opportunities for professional networking through meetings, events and site visits in Australia 
  • Provision of support for pre-course and post-course workshops
  • Personal mentoring of Award Projects (small group development projects) 
  • Opportunities for networking with Australia Awards alumni in Indonesia

Short Courses Benefits

Short Course participants will generally receive the following:

  • Pre-course and post-course workshops in Indonesia, including domestic return airfare to workshop locations in Indonesia
  • Accommodation expenses covered, and stipend included when in Indonesia and Australia
  • International return airfare to short course location in Australia
  • Full tuition fees expenses covered
  • Australian visa and health insurance for the duration of the Short Courses

Short Courses Structure

Short Courses include a three-day pre-award workshop in Indonesia, a course delivered in Australia and a three-day post-course workshop in Indonesia focusing on the implementation of the Award Projects.

Award Project

To ensure that participants apply learnings within their organisations and the wider community, participation in the Short Courses is underpinned by an Award Project methodology. Each participant delivers and implements a personal or group development project. The focus areas of the projects are determined by the organisations in consultation with the individuals to reflect organisational needs and desired outputs and outcomes.

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