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08 May 2018

Community Economic Development in West Java

Project Leader: Rosita Tandos

University: Curtin University

Lead Organisation: Balqis Foundation

Project Location: Jawa Barat      

Activity Type: Community development activities           

Sector: Economics

Project Objectives:

  • To increase the ability of women who were migrant domestic workers to run a home-based industry or small business
  • To increase the ability of women to improve the economic condition of their families by distributing micro credits or loans
  • To encourage successful women to transfer their knowledge, skills, and experiences to other women who want to develop their own business

Project Description:

This project is a follow-on to a project supported in AGS round 2. In the follow-on phase, the CED Project will conduct four rounds of training and micro-credit programs. In addition, the project will establish a 'Center for Training and Business’(CTB) located at Bondan village, responding to participants' aspiration. The training will improve the capabilities of former migrant domestic workers to run a small business or home-based industry. The CTB will provided additional training in running a small business or home-based industry to women and men  in the community. The project will also distributemicro-credit or loans to women. To utilize the loans, the women might work individually or in a team of 2-4 people. To receive the loan, the women need to present their plans for a business. The project will distribute loans of up to AUD 60 each to 60 women. These funds will come from the re-paid loans from the original project. The project will also encourage and equip successful women to transfer their knowledge, skills, and experience to other women who want to develop a business. Collective responsibility and sense of ownershipof the project are key to the achievement of desirable outcomes.

Project Beneficiaries:

The direct beneficiaries are women (former migrant domestic workers) who receive training and loans. The indirect beneficiaries are their families that have more household income; local governments that benefit from community members who have improved living conditions and less need to work overseas;  neighbours that purchase products made by participants; and other organisations that want to help former transnational domestic workers and their families.

Priority Development Area:

Effective economic institutions and infrastructure           

Social Inclusion Priorities: Gender

Links with Australia:

The CED Project was visited by representives of Secretary of the State of the Republic of Indonesia, DFAT and AAI. The project will invite other organizations that share the goal of empowering women and communities, and particularly transnational domestic workers, to work together.

Relevant Facts:

The Balqis Foundation is located in Ciputat, South Tangerang. It was established in Sept 2016 by Rosita Tandos, Executive Director. The original project was implemented in Bondan Village, Indramayu district, West Java. It trained 240 women and made 160 loans for borrowers to run small businesses or home-based industries. Each woman received between AUD 90 and AUD 100. 

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