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07 May 2018

Hospitality Coaching for Small Business in Flores

Project Leader: Andreas Dhena

University: Griffith University

Collaborating Organisations: Swisscontact Wisata

Project Location: Maumere, Sikka Nusa Tenggara Timur    

Activity Type : Capacity building, mentoring or coaching            

Sector : Small and medium enterprise development 

Project Objective :

  • To become more competitive and efficient;
  • To increase guest satisfaction; and
  • To learn the benefits of low-cost and easy solution to being environmentally friendly.

Project Description:

HoCo is a training and coaching program developed to support small locally-owned hotels and guesthouses in Flores to improve business operations. In order to enhance current standards and improve overall visitor satisfaction, the program targets three areas: (1) Workplace Cooperation, (2) Service Quality and Human Resource Management and (3) Good Environmental Practice and Community Engagement. 

This program is unique as it is tailored to meet the individual needs of the participating businesses. As such, HoCo begins with a personalised business assessment in order to address the specific business needs and challenges.

The program will run over three to four months. Each of the above mentioned themes include one training workshop and three coaching visits. In total, HoCo offers three practical training workshops and nine in-house coaching visits. At the end of the workshops, participants create individual action plans to tackle their workplace challenges. 

The three training workshops offer practical information, interactive group activities and games. The nine in-house coaching visits offer one-on-one intensive guidance by experienced HoCo trainers who will assist to implement the individual action plans and help to find solutions to the business workplace challenges. In between the coaching sessions, a HoCo trainer will be available to assist the business via email, phone and WhatsApp. The program closes with a final presentation where the program participants share their improvements with other participants and the wider tourism audience.

Project Beneficiaries:

Five small businesses in Flores

Priority Development Area:

Economic institutions and infrastructure

Links with Australia:


Relevant Facts:

The available accommodations in Flores are mostly small hotels, homestays, guesthouses or inns which are managed by family members or inexperienced staff.

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