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07 May 2018

Training Peer Counsellors for Women with Disabilities

Project Leader: Walin Hartati

University: The University of Sydney

Collaborating Organisations: -

Project Location: Jakarta            

Activity Type : Capacity building, mentoring or coaching    

Sector :  Law, legal and judicial system

Project Objective :

  • To create a responsive counselling service for disabled women’s needs;
  • To create cadres and enhancing capacity of 10-15 disabled women to counsel;
  • To invite people and stakeholder engagement to support the process of effective, strategic, and inclusive service; and
  • To use the project as the standard skill and expertise for information and disabled women’s counselling centre (PIK PDD), an implementation of Permen KPPPA No.23 year 2010 talking about guidelines for creating PIK PPD and Permen KPPPA no.7 year 2012 about SOP PIK PPD.

Project Description:

Training is provided for two months to give women the basic skills in counselling. After the training, the participants will be coordinated to become officers of information in a disabled women’s centre in collaboration with P2TP2A. The officers will go to the grassroots to practice counselling.  The expectation is that the counselling mechanism will lead an arrangement of standardisation of counselling as well as documentation of disabled women. Advanced training will be run after learning case studies. As the experience continues, officers will summarise and create SOP together. Monitoring and evaluation will be conducted at the end of the program.

Project Beneficiaries:

  • 10-15 women with physical, sensory, intellectual or mental disabilities to be the counselling officers; and
  • HWDI of DKI Jakarta. 

Priority Development Area:

An inclusive society through effective governance 

Links with Australia:


Relevant Facts:

According to CATAHU Komnas Perempuan, 93% of disabled women experience violence.

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