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03 Oct 2018

Quality Enhancement of Clean Water Supply in Remote Region Maros South Sulawesi (QECeWaS 2)

Project Leader: Mr. Muhammad Anshar

University of Origin: University Technology of Sydney

Collaborating Organisations: University of Technology Sydney

Project Locations : Sulawesi Selatan     

Activity Type : Knowledge and technology transfer    

Sector : Water and sanitation 

Project Rationale:

Similar project rationale was mentioned in the previous QECeWaS project which was implemented in Tellumpoccoe Maros, people who are living in the villages, Bonto Bahari and Nisombalia, have also a very limited access to clean water for daily consumption as the water pipe interconnection from the official water supplier company (State Owned Company for Local Region Drinking Water Supplier - PDAM) has not yet covered the whole area in the region. Hence, underground water through well mechanisms, either manually hoisted-water bucket or pumped mechanism, are the most favorable options for daily water consumption. In addition to that, some areas are suffering from high salinity factor which increases during dry season. This may cause the level of salt element in the water is considerably high for human consumption. Besides, the lack of filtering system from the underground water being used has been a contributing factor to the high impact off pollutant elements such as bacteria, virus, detergent, pesticide, metal, radioactive, inorganic mineral.

Project Description:

The success of the implementation QECeWaS project has been a momentum for the local government body, Dinas Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Desa, Maros Region to invite more villages who are facing the same problems and to take part in QECeWaS Project.

People in the two village will take part and involve in the project which consists of three main activities, which are

(1) a one-day talk on healthy and clean water for human consumption which targets to build an awareness of the importance of acquiring clean water and consuming healthy water for human daily consumption by following standardization issued by the Ministry of Health of Republic Indonesia;

(2) a two-day workshop, in which participants recruited from the two villages, presents knowledge and technology transfer by providing technical skill training for local people in the region in assembling, operating and maintaining clean water system;

(3) Installation of two prototypes of the clean water system in a predefined spot which is dedicated for public use which allows people from low income families who cannot afford to build their own clean water system at their home to access healthy and clean water.

Project Beneficiaries:

Two Villages:

- 50 persons from the two village involved in one-day talk and two-day workshop

- A government body, particularly Dinas Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Desa (PMD) Maros, South Sulawesi

Priority Development Area:

Economic institutions and infrastructure            

Links with Australia:

University of Technology Sydney

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