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Promoting Three - Pillar of Sustainability in Fashion Industry

18 Apr 2019

Promoting Three - Pillar of Sustainability in Fashion Industry

Project Leader: Janet Teowarang

University of Origin: Short Course, Queensland University of Technology

Collaborating Organisations: KaIND

Project Locations : Pasuruan, East Java; Jakarta, Indonesia; Australia

Activity Type : Community development activities

Sector : Development studies

Project Rationale:

The fashion industry is moving towards Sustainable Fashion. Indonesian Batik recognized by UNESCO as the Intangible Heritage of Humanity is a huge contributor for Indonesian Creative Economy. In Indonesia, Batik from the fashion industry has contributed AUD$ 71,400,000 from export value until October 2017. In East Java, Batik industry has contributed AUD$ 1,895,231 from the export value in the year 2016.

Previous methods of producing Batik used natural wax, natural dyeing; but now the industry is using chemical artificial colors, print in which the Batik liquid waste is contaminating rivers. Therefore, there is a need to promote Sustainable Batik following from waste problems

Project Description:

Recruit and coach (train) Entrepreneurial mindset a design skill, that would help women to become an entrepreneur or intrapreneur (working with batik or handwoven producer with new skill). I believe that the promise to become entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs will promote the creation of new ventures or at least help this community to find new talents. Other than recruiting and training new artisans, I will also train and develop the competencies of senior/ existing local artisans and weavers.

This collaboration will produce Sustainable Fashion Collection using handwoven textile with Pasuruan Batik motif and natural dyeing.

This collection will be exhibited in Jakarta and Australia. In Jakarta, we are planning to collaborate with Grand Hyatt Jakarta as providing the venue and guest list. In Australia, we will collaborate with suitable Australian Organisations that been in discussion.

The whole process of empowering women through fashion and entrepreneurship as the output of it will be documented in the form of E-Book to be used as the case study, teaching the material and to be replicated in other regions/ cities as a good example of the project.

Project Beneficiaries:

  • 60 Batik Artisan in Pasuruan, East Java, approximately 100 women (artisans and unemployed) in Pasuruan for first entrepreneurial mindset training after recruiting from new data.
  • 5 Pasuruan women textile artisans to develop sustainable fashion collection with the designer (Janet Teowarang) and textile designer (Melie Indarto).

Priority Development Area:

Human development for a productive and healthy society         

Links with Australia:

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