Australia Awards in Indonesia

The Australia Awards are prestigious, transformational scholarships and short courses offered to emerging leaders for study, research and professional development in Australia


Welcome to the Alumni network page. The network is designed to provide all Indonesians who have studied in Australia with the means to create and maintain connections in their academic sectors and fields of work, and to stay abreast of developments in their areas of expertise.

Professional development activities and networking events are held throughout the year and the Australia – Indonesia Alumni Forum on LinkedIn is regularly updated with events, career information, and is a great place to connect online or network together.

Alumni also have special access to the Alumni Grant Scheme (AGS), a mechanism for funding professional development activities including research, workshops, training and presentations at conferences in Australia and other countries.

As an Indonesian alumnus who has studied in Australia you will receive the following benefits:

  • Participation in professional development activities as they arise;
  • Opportunities to meet and build connections with an expanded and inclusive alumni network, government representatives and business leaders from Australia and Indonesia;
  • Invitations to guest lectures by visiting Australian academics;
  • Membership of the Australia-Indonesia Alumni Forum on LinkedIn, which facilitates networking, knowledge sharing, business and employment opportunities, as well as opportunities to take part in professional development activities nationally and overseas; and
  • Access to the Alumni Grant Scheme (AGS), which supports thematic areas of Indonesia’s development focus to strengthen the Indonesia – Australia relationship.

To join the Australia-Indonesia Alumni Forum please visit the website on LinkedIn and click Join. Read more about the forum here.

The Australian Government is committed to creating and supporting a global international alumni network of people who have studied in Australia and wish to retain and build on their past connections to their alma mater, colleagues and friends in Australia.

To this end, in April 2016 a network called Australia Global Alumni was also launched in order to support alumni’s capabilities to sustain and build on their educational and cultural experiences.

The Network provides the opportunity for alumni to facilitate their continuing personal and professional development, as well as network with other alumni, universities, Australian educators, civil servants and business.

The Network opens opportunities for Alumni to:

  • Remain connected to each other through face-to-face activities or via social media;
  • Form new personal and professional networks;
  • Access ongoing local, regional and global opportunities for networking and professional development;
  • Play an ongoing role in the implementation of scholarships; and
  • Remain connected to Australia.

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