Recorded CAUSINDY ASEAN Panel on YouTube and Spotify

Watch and listen in to the recorded video and audio of CAUSINDY (Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth)’s webinar, the ASEAN Panel – featuring Juli Binu, Cameron Allan, and Dr Yang Mee Eng, who discussed opportunities and challenges to maintaining youth connectivity, future opportunities, and leadership strategies to thrive post-COVID.

Juli Binu is an experienced Program Manager who leads a number of Love Frankie programs for and YouTube in Indonesia. She has been the lead of YouTube Creators for Change and of media and digital literacy projects to build resilience to misinformation, disinformation, intolerance and discrimination among young people in Indonesia.

Cameron Allan is a co-founder and the CEO of the ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership (AASYP) – the leading organisation for promoting partnership between ASEAN and Australian youth.

Dr Yang Mee Eng is the Executive Director at ASEAN Foundation. She worked in the private and government sectors for over 26 years, and was most recently the Senior Vice President at Alphacap.

In this panel, they also shared lessons learnt and innovations to adapt in this challenging time – especially in terms of empowering youth across the region.

Watch the recorded video on YouTube here, and listen in to the audio on Spotify here.

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