“Para Pengampu Vaksin”, A Highlight of OzAlum Neni Nurainy’s Work in Developing COVID-19 Vaccine

We are very proud of OzAlum Neni Nurainy who works at Bio Farma for the development of COVID-19 vaccine, whose work was featured by President Joko Widodo through his Instagram account, that said “In Bio Farma's laboratories and production rooms, scientists are engaged in researching, processing, and packaging vaccines. Through their deft hands, vaccines for polio, smallpox, and COVID-19 were produced. These days, they work in silence but are running fast against the clock, as they endeavor to stop the pandemic across the country.”

Ms Nurainy obtained her Master’s degree in General Medicine from and is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne.

Watch her video here.

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