Australia Awards in Indonesia

The Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships that provide you with high-quality educational experiences at world-class universities

Type and Number of Awards

Australia Awards Scholarships are available for the following types of courses:

  • Masters degree
  • Doctoral degree (PhD)

Masters Degree

  • The maximum duration for a Masters degree program is two years.
  • Masters degree programs may be offered by coursework, by research or by a combination of coursework and research. Masters by research or a combination of coursework and research should be offered only to those applicants who have demonstrated the need for high-level research skills in order to undertake research or teaching or to supervise researchers upon their return home.
  • Double Masters degrees are permitted only when both are included in the institution's original offer and both courses can be completed within two years.
  • Applicants wishing to undertake a Masters by research must investigate an appropriate supervisor. Australian university websites identify the institution’s areas of research strength. Applicants should supply evidence of past research was undertaken and highlight outcomes.

Doctoral Degree (PhD)

  • The maximum duration for a PhD is four years.
  • Study at doctorate degree (PhD) may be subject to partner government approval. Normally, approval is given only where the applicant occupies or is expected to occupy, a senior position requiring individual research or the supervision and training of other researchers in a research organisation (e.g., university or research centre) in the applicant’s home country.

Length of Study and Course Options
Scholarships will be available for full-time study of an Australian post-graduate qualification for the minimum period required to complete the award through the relevant Australian university, selected from Australian Government contracted universities.

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