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09 Mar 2023

Eps #16: International Women’s Day: Reflection and Milestone on the Path to Gender Equality in Indonesia

For over a century, International Women's Day has been celebrated to recognise women's achievements and promote gender equality worldwide. Despite progress, biases and discrimination against women still persist. In Indonesia, women's roles are perpetuated by long-held restrictive gender norms that limit them from taking advantage of their rights and opportunities in education, health, economic sphere, and participation in political and public life.

In this sixteenth episode, our Guest Host OzAlum Lia Marpaung, Gender Equality, Disability & Social Inclusion Adviser at Australia Awards in Indonesia, chats with fellow OzAlum Sri Wiyanti Eddyono, Chair of Taskforce for Preventing and Handling Sexual Violence at Gadjah Mada University, and Ita F Nadia, Head of Ruang Arsip dan Sejarah (RUAS) Perempuan Indonesia. They talk about the progress in addressing gender inequality in our community and university life. And what can we do to embrace equity, promote women's fair treatment, and create a genuinely inclusive world?

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