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03 Apr 2016

Essays on the Economics of Education in Indonesia

Daniel Charles Julius Suryadarma, December 2010
The Australian National University

This thesis consists of four essays that examine different aspects of education  in Indonesia and  relate all the findings to policy implications. The first essay investigates the effect of four different interventions aimed at improving the effectiveness of school committees, a community representative body, on student outcomes in Indonesia. In the second essay, I measure and investigate the  reasons for the gap in secondary education progression between Muslims and  non-Muslims in Indonesia. The third essay examines the relationship between  the type of senior high school attended  by Indonesian youth and  their subsequent labour market outcomes. In the fourth essay, I use a new measure of corruption from a survey conducted by Transparency International Indonesia to investigate whether corruption can explain the apparent  lack of relationship between  the amount of public spending on education and education outcomes at the district level in Indonesia.

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