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29 Dec 2017

The Indonesian Gender Responsive Budgets Policy: Examining The Effectiveness of The GRB Initiative in Indonesia

Salbiyah, 2015
Flinder University


This research aims to make contribution to both academia and Indonesian public policy on gender equality, particularly on Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) initiatives in Indonesia as a strategy to address gender inequality. The thesis applies the feminist perspective to critically analyse gender responsive budget initiatives, a tool of gender mainstreaming strategy, particularly doing evaluation of the GRB implementation in Indonesia. It starts by discussing various conceptual underpinnings gender mainstreaming and gender responsive budgeting, as well as the debates at the practical level. Then, using the analytical framework offered by Budlender and Hewitt (2003), the research examines specifically the effectiveness of GRB in Indonesia as an effort to address gender inequality. The study reveals number of factors including the complexity of Indonesian planning and budgeting bureaucratic procedures, the political contests played out in parliamentary negotiations and lobbying, elite capture of civil society forums, and lack of personnel capacity in GRB work, that have led to limit the effectiveness of GRB to address gender equality and women’s empowerment in Indonesia. The research also finds that the commitment of the government to implement gender responsive budgeting policies is not backed up by its financial expenditure.

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