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02 Apr 2016

Serving with a Sense of Responsibility

Dewi Ciantrini, Head of the Audit Board Representative, East Nusa Tenggara Province since September 2015, has held many positions at the same agency, one of which was asHead of Directorate Strategic Planning and Performance Management. At the time, Dewiis was responsible for managing a working unit to develop the middle term (five years) strategic planning for her institution. Her unit is was also responsible for monitoring the implementation and evaluating the achievement of strategic plan.

“When developing the 2011-2015 strategic plan, the Audit Board used the International Best Practice utilized by all Supreme Audit Institution in the world as guideline,” Dewi further explained. During the process, The Audit Board received assistance from the World Bank through a consultant to fine-tune the five years strategic plan.

Dewi had the initiative to conduct a road show during this process. “I wanted to have review and input from the top level management to generate strategic plan for the Audit Board based on what have been achieved, unachieved target and plan,” Dewi explained regarding the road show. The involvement of top level management in the development of a strategic plan is was an important aspect for getting their directions in achieving the organisation’s vision and mission.

During the annual review meeting, her then division coordinated with other working unit for data provision that need to be put in the Audit Board system and published to some extent. Her work also required Dewi to facilitate other working units in applying the institution’s strategic plan into unit’s strategy map, setting up Key Performance Indicators and formulating the measurement based on their function and policies. “All in all, I needed to coordinate with 68 working units under the Audit Board,” Dewi said.

“To me, being responsible is most important when at work. Although we have skills and capabilities, without the sense of responsibility, it wouldn’t suffice. There should be a sense of responsibility, skill and willingness,” Dewi opined.

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