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13 Mar 2016

Education should not only Encompass the Subject Taught

Tutuk Narfanti completed her undergraduate degree at Universitas Negeri Jakarta to become a teacher, fulfilling a goal she has had since her elementary school years.

Now a lecturer in mathematics education, Tutuk applied for an Australia Awards scholarship and spent two years in South Australia to achieve her Master in Mathematics and Technology Education.

“I realised that I needed to undertake further post-graduate studies so I could better understand wider aspects of education, especially gender issues," Tutuk explained. "I personally believe that education should not only encompass the subject itself, but other values and issues as well. Education should be a well-rounded experience."

As a recent graduate of a University of Adelaide Master's program, Tutuk believes that gaining a better understanding of Australia and Australians is as important a part of the Australia Awards experience as the courses which scholarship awardees complete.

“While in Australia I also made the most of opportunities to gain a better understanding of a culture which is quite different to my own.”

Despite her busy schedule as a lecturer and a mother, Tutuk plans to further pursue her goal to become a professor in mathematics in the future – a true educator at heart.

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