Wonosidi : The Leading Circular Economy Village

25 Aug 2020

Wonosidi : The Leading Circular Economy Village

Project leader: Mrs. Webri Veliana

Level of education and university: Non Degree, Griffith University

Collaborating Organisations:

  1. Government of Wonosidi village
  2. Manggala Wonosidi (local Environmental Workers Group in Wonosidi village)
  3. Social Marketing @ Griffith (Behavioral Change Research Center at Griffith University)
  4. Women’s Earth Alliance
  5. Circular Economy Club
  6. Greenwave NGO

Project Location: Jawa Timur

Activity Type: Community development activities

Sector: Rural Growth, Economics, Small and medium enterprise development

Project Rationale:

Indonesia has been being the second biggest plastic waster in the World, after China. Those plastic mostly ends up in the ocean. It formed a gigantic plastic soup, which travels around the world, killing marine life. Seafood deliver poisons into our plates. Our children are in danger. We need to stop this global catastrophe as soon as possible.

Wonosidi is a rural village not serviced by waste transportation trucks from the government. The nearest landfill is over than 40 kilometres. The citizens in Wonosidi deal with waste by burning, dumping waste in open spaces or into water bodies. Wonosidi needs zero waste and the circular economy so it does not rely on landfill or pollute the environment. By becoming a circular economy village, Wonosidi will put all waste into the production of resources, transforming it into economically valuable goods and will not require landfill anymore.

The Circular Economy activities in Wonosidi are intended as a pilot project to fully test “The Greenwave Method” Waste Management System, which has been developed during “Tackling Marine Pollution Issues through Recycling Short Term Award in 2019. The system’s basic principles can be merged with various local wisdom and replicated by communities in rural, suburban and cities across Indonesia.

Project Beneficiaries:

  1. 1,966 families in Wonosidi Village (direct)
  2. 185 members of Manggala Wonosidi (direct)
  3. Government of Wonosidi Village (direct)
  4. Government of Pacitan Regency (direct)
  5. Government of East Java Province (indirect)
  6. Government of Indonesia (indirect)

Priority Development Area:

Economic institutions and infrastructure

Link with Australian organisation: 

Griffith University

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