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Bamboo Conservation for Eco-Tourism Development in Sembalun

25 Aug 2020

Bamboo Conservation for Eco-Tourism Development in Sembalun

Project leader: Mrs. Lia Rosida

Level of education and university: Master, University of Melbourne

Collaborating Organisations: Sembalun Community Development Centre

Project Location: Nusa Tenggara Barat

Activity Type: Capacity building, mentoring or coaching

Sector: Natural Resource Management, Small and medium enterprise development, Rural Growth

Project Rationale:

There are currently no bamboo conservation ecotourism activities in Sembalun and disadvantaged rural community members interested in the tourism sector do not have adequate bamboo conservation or ecotourism development skills.

The market for ecotourism products and services is the fastest growing sub-sector in tourism across South East Asia. Sembalun and its surrounds have unique geological, cultural and natural attractions that make it well-placed for eco-tourism development. With only 46,180 of the estimated 1 million tourists to the island visiting Sembalun in 2018, ecotourism development will increase visitor numbers and strengthen the domestic economy whilst providing a viable economic pathway to protect natural resources.

Sembalun village has limited human resource development and a high poverty rate, with over 50 percent of the population reporting earnings under the regional minimal wage, according to a 2017 study by Sekolah Tinggi Parawisata Trisakti. Interviews with members of a local NGO, Sembalun Community Development Centre, found that of those surveyed in 2018, 87.5 percent of work was within the tourism industry yet the majority requested training or education in ecotourism, business or marketing to develop their own tourism businesses.

Project Beneficiaries:

  • 30 rural community members from Kelompok Sadar Wisata Sembalun and Aur bamboo representatives
  • 10 STPM students and staff
  • 50 CERES Global staff and tour group members

Priority Development Area:

Economic institutions and infrastructure

Link with Australian organisation: 

CERES Global (An Australian Environmental NGO)

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