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05 Dec 2022

Ecology of Dendrolagus mayri in Wondiwoy Mountain Natural Reserve

Project leader: Denisa Melanesia Kregika Taran

Level of education and university: Master, Murdoch University

Collaborating Organisations: -

Project Location: 32 villages around Wondiwoy Montain Natural reserve, Teluk Wondama regency and in Wondiwoy Montain Natural reserve.

Activity Type: Academic research and research-related activities

Sector: Economics, Forestry, Natural Resource Management

Project Rationale:

Dendrolagus mayri is one of the animals endemic to Wondiwoi Mountain that has "critically endangered" status based on the IUCN report. This animal is reported possibly extinct. However, based on our preliminary interviews, hunters living around this mountain sometimes catch this animal and consume the meat. Scientific information about D.mayri is only based on two reports, one specimen collected on 1928 and a picture released by Michael Smith in 2018. Therefore, it is important to conduct research about the utilisation of D.mayri by the hunters to investigate the threats to the population and to determine the distribution of this animal based on the ecological knowledge of the hunters. Moreover, among the most important information in animal research is molecular information, thus we also want to provide the caryotype and DNA barcoding (genes) if the team can successfully find the animal.

Project Beneficiaries:

The project will benefit the members of the team by increasing the research skill and knowledge of the mysterious endemic animal. The students will have experience doing research, collecting data and communicating with local communities. There are local communities that also have a direct contribution to this study so that they have economic benefit. The government and the communities will gain the information about their biodiversity richness and an endemic animal that can be an icon for the regency. All the mammal experts also can get an insight into an endemic animal from a remote area of the world.

Priority Development Area:

Economic Recovery

Link with Australian organisation:

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