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05 Dec 2022

Developing AYO ANGON Program for Farmers in Klaten District, Central Java

Project leader: Muhsin Al Anas

Level of education and university: Non Degree, Charles Darwin University

Collaborating Organisations: Universitas Gadjah Mada

Project Location: Kadillangon Village, Klaten District, Central Java

Activity Type: Knowledge and technology transfer

Sector: Livestock management, Animal Husbandry

Project Rationale:

Various programs have been carried out from AYO ANGON Project in Ngalang Village, Gunungkidul District. The program focuses on increasing the capacity of farmers, which includes 1) extensive forage land development and breeding, 2) manufacture of animal feed concentrates, 3) processing of compost from livestock waste, 4) manufacture of feed supplements, and 5) development of livestock breeding and fattening business. From the program that has been delivered, more than 60% of members of the AYO ANGON livestock group have experienced an increase in knowledge and skills in the livestock sector. The program also improves the economy of society in Ngalang Village and provides jobs for unemployed youth.

In this second year, the program will be implemented in Kadillanggon Village, Klaten District, Central Java with a focus on developing business in this livestock sector. The main problem in this area is youth unemployment and farmers using traditional systems with low income.

Project Beneficiaries:

  • 5 people in (BUMDes)
  • 20 youth unemployment
  • 20 local farmers

Priority Development Area:

Economic Recovery

Link with Australian organisation:

Not available

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